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The Retreat Site at Beaver Meadow Lodge
Thurman, NY

The Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat

Creative Writing Weekend Workshop
(Fiction/Memoir/Personal Essay)

A Three-Day Workshop taught by

Irene Sherlock
August 20-23, 2009

Presented by Perky Granger

Beaver Meadow Lodge

On the shore of a beaver pond, looking up at the southern face of Crane Mountain, a group of writers will share a rustic log cabin to write, read, critique, and grow together as artists and friends. The cabin is roomy (four bedrooms, three baths) and attractive, but eccentric, and the half-mile gravel driveway through the woods and across the beaver meadow sometimes requires an all-terrain shuttle vehicle to transport passengers and goods in from the town road. Although there is indoor plumbing, the water is not potable, and not always as abundant as one would wish. Electricity is available in limited supply, so we don't, for example, blow-dry hair and make toast at the same time. Not intimidated?

icture yourself sitting on the wrap-around porch, laptop at hand, watching a great blue heron stilting through the beaver pond, ready to spear some hapless minnow, or, if you can be a statue, breathlessly observing a doe with her fawn as they nibble their way across the sweeping lawn, well, maybe the Beaver Meadow Lodge Retreat is just the place you need in order to forge ahead with your memoirs. There'll be no ringing phone to disturb you (unless your own cell phone happens to be able to get a signal), and no Internet vying for your attention.

Quiet writing time will alternate with brain-bending writing workshops, all presented at Beaver Meadow Lodge. Our hosts, Steve Buckbee and Robin Granger, will serve simple but hearty Adirondack meals. The evening campfire (weather permitting) will be the perfect place to read and critique portions of the day's writing or discuss problems encountered in the project, sometimes accompanied by a chorus of coyote howls in the distance. The next morning, breakfast at the lodge will start you off on another day's Adirondack adventure.

Because of the need to share rooms and bathrooms, only women will be housed at Beaver Meadow Lodge this year. Men are welcome to attend the Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat as commuters. They and any women who prefer to stay off-site, may wish to reserve rooms at a nearby B&B, motel or campsite. Please see my "Other Lodgings" page for contact information. August is the busiest part of our tourist season, so I advise making arrangements as early as possible.

Space at Beaver Meadow Lodge is limited. Rooms will be assigned upon your completion of payment on a first-come, first-served basis. Double beds will be assigned to one guest unless you specify that you are willing to share. We recommend that serious writers reserve early. We regret that Beaver Meadow Lodge is not handicapped accessible.

Beaver Meadow Lodge, backed by Crane Mountain

Beaver Meadow Lodge Dining Room

Beaver Meadow Lodge back porch

Mist rising off the beaver pond

Master Suite (will have 3 beds, adjoining bath)

Meadowview (1 bed, shared bath)

(2 beds, shared bath)
Bear's Den (1 bed, adjoining bath)

Beaver Meadow Lodge Living Room

The Meadow at Dawn
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