Maureen Jones

Maureen Jones is nothing, if not versatile and energetic. Her resume begins in high school, when she tried her hand at being an Avon lady. She has worked as a freelance writer, and served as managing editor of an entertainment weekly. After a detour into diner ownership, she became an educator in public school and community college. She continues in education parttime and is a licensed guide, and, at times, has worked for a time as a whitewater rafting guide on the Upper Hudson.

For the Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat and Story Workshops, Maureen led a two-hour workshop entitled "Mountains of the Imagination: Writing/Righting as Self-Rescue." This unusual workshop was conducted out of doors. The group will embarked on a gentle walk (not a strenuous hike or mountain-climb), about one mile along the Putnam Farm trail beside Crane Mountain. Beside a stream, at what has been documented as part of the Underground Railroad route, participants created a written, two-part reflection about their life stories.


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