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Bil Lepp, of Charleston, West Virginia, made his first appearance before Adirondack audiences at Veterans' Memorial Field. He is a five-time winner of West Virginia Liars' Contest (earning a gold-plated shovel for his mantle each time). He tells original, hilarious, tales that will bring a smile to the face of even the most ill-humored person, and has been a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN, several times, and at The Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Bil is the author of three books of tales, four audio collections, and he has had stories published in several national magazines. Duke Divinity Magazine called Bil's stories, "Awe inspiring cathedrals of flapdoodle and bull." Bil has been telling tales for over fifteen years. He tells original tall-tales written by himself and his brother.

Hoopla about Bill:

--"Bil Lepp is the Wonder Bra of storytelling. He takes something small and
insignificant and pushes it up into something realllly BIG and miiighty
interesting!" - Barbara McBride Smith

-- "Bil Lepp, a young teller from Half Dollar [sic], W.Va., had the stage presence of a stand-up comedian. He told a hilarious forty-minute monologue about growing up and getting into trouble with his best friend. Lepp's stories begin appearing biographical, but continue becoming more outrageous until they're hysterically unbelievable." -The Post, Athens, OH- Sean Rogers
--"The audience could barely stop laughing long enough to catch the next twist in the tale..."Journal Sentinel, WI- Andrew Milman
--"...Lepp's tales will tickle the funny bone..." "...the humor is sophisticated..." "...the laugh out-loud stories are lively..." -School Library Journal
--"Bil is a clever, versatile, magnificent, and charming writer." -Storytelling World Magazine-
Flora Joy

Bil also taught a workshop at the Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat and Story Workshops, speaking on the topic "Creating Tall-tales Out of Small Details", discussing how to use incidents in one's own life, and other people's lives around which to create tall-tales. He discussed the way he creates tales in general, and then how he takes them from the written word to the spoken word.

His books and CDs will be available at the Story Concert and at his workshop.

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