Cheryl MacNeil

Cheryl MacNeil



Cheryl MacNeil is a writer living in Scotia, New York. She focuses on the small moments and stories in our lives that become sacred. The stories of her life reflect what she holds most dear…faith, family and friends. Cheryl says, "In my work with Hospice over the past 7 years, I have learned that there is a power in telling our stories and listening to the stories of others. Each time two or more people sit down and begin to tell the stories that are deepest in their hearts, healing takes place. It is important, not only to share your own story but to listen to the stories of others."

At the Adirondack Mountain Retreat and Story Workshops Cheryl taught a program that focused on developing the skills needed to both share and listen. "'Talking on Sacred Ground: Telling our stories, healing our hearts'" says Cheryl, "is designed to help people share their sacred stories, healing the past and moving into the future. For writers, tapping into that part of us that holds our deepest thoughts, helps us to become better writers and better listeners. For centuries, oral history was the only way to communicate the tradition of the family and society as a whole. Telling the stories not only passed on the history but brought people together in a universal space. Learn how to tap into your own stories and to listen to the stories of those in your life."

Contact Cheryl about programs or workshops: or to Cheryl MacNeil, 303 Wren St., Scotia, NY 12302.

Link to Cheryl's website and blog at .

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