Bob Reiser


Called "a force of nature," by Brother Blue, Bob tells tales in schools, libraries and festivals around the world. Books include Carry it On and Everybody Says Freedom, written with Pete Seeger, and a children's book, David Gets His Drum, with jazz drummer Panama Francis.

Bob performed at our July 14 Story Concert his hilarious and poignant tale called "It Takes an Egg Cream", based on his boyhood in Brooklyn.

What others have said about Bob Reiser:

--" Bob Reiser is a wonderful storyteller, with tales for every age and temperament. I hope he keeps on for another half century. " -Pete Seeger
--" Bob is a Force of Nature, a master storyteller. " Brother Blue (Dr. Morgan Hill ) Official Storyteller, Cambridge , MA
--" Bob has a gift, not only as an author, but also to connect with people. We recommend him with pleasure to any group interested in his wealth of stories. " - Deborah Warner, Reading Specialist, Valley Central Schools Newburgh , NY
-- " Bob Reiser is magic. He plays with words, songs stories and life. His warmth alone makes an audience laugh. Bob Reiser smiles with his whole body. He's wonderful! " - Jay O'Callahan Master Storyteller
--" You give stories wonderful dimension with your delivery, your timing and your body language. You are a joy to watch and a great pleasure to hear. "- JG (aka "Paw Paw") Pinkerton Storyteller, Founder of Tellabration

Bob also led a workshop called, "My Story, Your Story, History" in which participants (limit 30) learned the basic techniques of creating and sharing a story based on personal experience. They learned what kind of personal material makes a good story, and how to shape it into a dramatic form. He says of the workshop,

Tell my personal story-to strangers?! Not me! But, despite my terror, I learned to spin my joys, pains and adventures into actual tales. Unbelievably, I found that nothing else I told reached so deeply into listeners' hearts. In this workshop I will help you find the story gold in your life and craft it into tales that speak to others. Revisit your past, honor those you loved, and hear your audience tell you, "Yes, the same thing happened to me."

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