Cassie Selleck

A writer, storyteller, children's performer, singer and actor, Cassie Selleck has done countless library programs for all ages, including children's story hours, writing workshops, coaching youthful tellers and hosting story events. She co-hosted the 2007 Fiction Among Friends Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat and Story Workshops, making her first trip from sunny Florida to Thurman, NY in July.

Cassie, who has several completed short stories and screenplays, has an adult novel, "The Pecan Man" in the works. We are thrilled to announce that Chapter One of "The Pecan Man" recently topped 104 other entries in a Florida State Writing Competition, co-sponsored by CNW Publishing and the Florida Freelance Writers Association, to be named first place winner in the "Novel Chapter-Unpublished" category. Dana K. Cassell, Executive Director of CNW Publishing, said, "Over these past twenty-four years, judges have consistently said that the top three or four winners are usually close to being ready to be published—if not there already."

She led a workshop called "What's in a Name (and Other Story Games)." This highly interactive workshop focused on creating lively, interesting and well-developed characters, adding sensory details, and enhancing plot, conflict and setting in both the written and spoken story. Using techniques developed by the presenter, participants will also learn how to generate names that are historically and geographically accurate and that reflect the personality of the character.

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