Eliza T. Williamson
(and Maudsley!)


But if I write what my soul thinks it will be visible and the words will be its body. - Helen Keller

Eliza Williamson describes herself in these words:

"I write to breathe. I have written forever. I am currently working on a collection of short stories based on my life experience. Under the wise tutelage of my teacher and mentor, poet Patricia Lee Lewis, I am living the model I try to emulate in the workshops I lead. My work can be seen in the current issue of Peregrine."

At the Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat and Story Workshops, Eliza T. Williamson taught a two-part workshop entitled "Meeting Your Words: Generating writing through exercises".

Come Tempt Your Muse . . .
Meeting Your Words: Generating Writing Through Exercises
A two-part workshop with Eliza T. Williamson, M. Ed.

  • Do you have novels written in your head that just haven't made it to paper?

  • Are you currently working on the next great screenplay?

  • Does the idea of writing petrify you, and yet everyone you know says you are a great storyteller?

  • Did you once, a long time ago, write poetry?

  • Are you a writer - disciplined, serious and going out of your mind in solitude?

  • Do you yearn for the time or the place or the motivation to write?

If any of this rings true - this workshop is for you. Writing doesn't have to be your professional ambition for it to enrich your life. Whether you are eager to hone your craft or find your voice, what you have to say is important.

Workshop Structure: We will spend the first part of our two afternoons together writing in response to exercises I have suggested. We will share our new writing aloud and give each other feedback about what we liked and remembered most about each piece. People always have the option not to share their writing. We will spend the second part of each afternoon with a brief discussion of craft followed by a closing writing exercise. There will also be the opportunity for participants to submit a manuscript to me for critique* and to meet with me individually to discuss their work.

Eliza shares the idea that everyone has a unique voice and important stories to tell. In the words of William Stafford, "A writer is someone who writes."

Mail to::
Eliza T. Williamson
17 Lothian Road Box 201
Brighton, MA 02135

What others have said about Eliza Williamson:
"I have participated in many writers' workshops, both abroad and across the United States. Eliza's workshop was by far the most beneficial forum for my writing. She is incredibly talented as a facilitator and leader and a wonderful, intelligent, warm person who is extremely creative, fun, and talented. She knows how to stay on task and really cultivated the best writing out of my experience. Her workshops are entirely a positive experience. I highly recommend her!" Leslie Schiff, former student.

Read more about Eliza at www.amherstwriters.com/WorkLead.html.

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