Richard & Carol Noble

Richard and Carol are known locally as Mr. and Mrs. Hobo. They once owned and operated an ice cream parlor in Carrabelle that they named Hobo's. Richard's first book is entitled -"Hobo-ing America." He also has a popular blog that he has named "The Hobo Philosopher." Richard recently won a first place award for humor from the Florida Press Association.

Richard has had the same goal in mind for years. He wanted to create books of his writings and publish them - the "build it and they will come" idea. Today Richard has three published works all currently available on - a novel - "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother;" a mini novel - "A Summer with Charlie," and his hobo-ing travelogue,"Hobo-ing America." His most recent publication is "The Eastpointer: Life in a Sleepy, Little Fishing Village." The town of Eastpoint is the oyster capital of Florida. This volume contains a selection of columns that create a portrait of life in that town. It also gives the reader insight into what the Franklin County town has meant to Richard Edward Noble and his wife, Carol. Noble says, "These columns are light spirited, a few are serious and hopefully some are downright funny. My goal is that they all contain bits of wit and a trace of wisdom."

Watch for Richard's next work, "Noble Notes on Famous Folks," due out spring/summer of 2009. Of the new work Richard has written: This book contains the opnions, instights and interpretations of the author along with historical facts, quotes and situations.

These are notes that I have accumulated over the years. Most of the sources are stated in the individual note. All these notes were originally written for my own edification and to assist my memory. You might look at this work as my homeschooled college diary or study notes. I've included in this volume a variety of ancient and modern characters ranging from Constantine to Bill Clinton. Some are treated humorously, some satirically and some seriously.


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In the CreateSpace program sponsored by Amazon, Richard has found the place to fulfill all his writing dreams. It is a do-it-yourself On Demand program. He and his wife Carol will give further details of how they have been successful in utilizing this program to publish Richard's books at minimal expense. For example, they recently published a revised edition of "Hobo-ing America." The whole transaction including a proof copy and the discounted purchase of 10 copies cost them less than $100. At present they are able to buy books to sell themselves from CreateSpace for approximately $5.00 each including shipping and handling.

Richard and Carol Noble shared tips about their publishing experience at Trinity Episcopal Church on November 5, 2008, as part of the panel presenting "Getting Published: Taking your Baby from Desktop to Bookshop," along with Dawn Evans Radford, and Perky Granger.

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